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aboutusWonder Corner Childcare Centre is a leading facility at Surrey, Vancouver that lays strong emphasis on the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of children. At Wonder Corner Childcare Centre, we understand that these skills are very important in the early years of a child’s life. Our Qualified, trained and experienced faculty to provide your child with all the fundamental academic skills needed to start school. Our teaching methods are taught through play and real life experiences. We value the importance of a strong body and mind; this is the underlying concept of our philosophy.

With all the problems of young adult obsessed with unhealthy food habits and with lack of exercises, we stress on appropriate physical education from the earliest stages of life of the child. We believe that if children can understand the importance of exercise at an early age, they will carry the habit into adul1908129_1428974660743743_2386521666029359275_nthood.Learning is one of the most empowering and important human experiences.  The ability and desire to learn are the key attributes that allow us to gain knowledge, wisdom and personal growth. My educational philosophy has evolved with each of my 5 years in the classroom. As my educational views have developed, the teaching techniques I use have also changed.  I have learned that my teaching is most effective when individual connections are made with my students and parents. I tried to foster these connections whenever possible.  I want my students and parents to understand that I have a genuine and vested interest in their learning, and care about them as individuals with unique abilities and goals.

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